Heat Exchanger Services are New Zealands leading independent specialist in custom built heavy duty radiator cores for industrial radiators.

We can build a new radiator core for your engine whether it is on an excavator, generator, skidder or whatever it is we can build it.

Our radiator cores are better for the following reasons.

  1. We use arsenical brass for our fins this does not corrode like copper and is much more resistant to fin damage.
  2. We use thick wall, European seamless radiator tube, burst pressure certified to 1200psi.
  3. Every large radiator comes with thick sub-plates in the corners to increase the life and strength of the core.Full sub-plates can be ordered at an extra cost.
  4. Our design uses flexible header plate design to allow cores to expand with the heat, this reduces cracking at the tube to header plate joint.
  5. Our header plate joints are fully dipped into a bath of molten solder to ensure the strongest joints.
  6. Our flat fin cores only have ridges on the fins to increase heat transfer but allow most dirt to flow through the core, reducing blockage and the chance of overheating.
  7. The CT or Z fin has louvers in the fin to give much higher performance when it is required.
  8. We use CNC punching to provide strong and accurate tube to header joints and thick sub-plates

You cannot buy better than a HEAVY DUTY HEATEX brand quality core for your radiator

Manufacturing industrial radiators is our speciality!

NZ is our home. Buy NZ made.