Oil Coolers

When it comes to oil coolers our company has the largest selection of new products and materials to rebuild than any company in New Zealand. We carry around 200 cores or complete units.

Whether you need a large aluminium air to oil cooler for a compressor or earthmoving machine, a bottom tank water cooled plate cooler for a gearbox or a large tubular oil cooler there is a very high chance we will have one in stock or we can repair your original unit.

We are known throughout New Zealand for our skill in repairing coolers that other less experienced companies condemn to the scrap.

If you send your leaking cooler to a less experienced company you end up paying twice and you pay a lot more.

You pay them to fix it and when they fail, you pay to buy an expensive new one when our quality repair would have worked and cost a lot less.

Our experience costs you much less in the long run.

NZ is our home. Buy NZ made.