Our aim is to build the highest quality New Zealand made radiators at realistic prices.

Quality and reliability of product comes first for every radiator core manufactured in our factory. With our experienced in-house technicians and a diverse selection of materials, we’re equipped to offer a flexible range of custom core solutions. Whether you need a core for your existing tanks or a complete new radiator with tanks, frame, fan shroud build together to your design, our team is prepared to adapt its processes to your specifications.

Our specialist overhaul of good cores where only the soldered joint between tube and header plate is unique in New Zealand

We remove all the old solder from the existing radiator which is often contaminated and degraded from years of use (most other companies load new solder over the top of the old causing weak joints), We chemically clean the joints back to a fine tin coating on the tube then we dip the header plate into a bath of molten solder, this process returns all the joints to its original NEW condition, we then load the end tubes with fresh solder to make them as strong as possible.

Our company is the ONLY company using this system in New Zealand.

NZ is our home. Buy NZ made.