Do you need an aluminium charge air cooler for your truck or bus then you have found the best place to buy what you need.

We have over 60 different models of complete charge air (intercoolers) on the shelf and around 200 core parts in stock so we are sure we can find a part to fit your vehicle or machine.

We have employees who have been building charge air coolers since 1989 in the UK when they first purchased their first Kempi tig welding machine.

We also build water cooled charge air coolers from aluminium plate and bar, we have built them for championship winning jet boats to highly tuned jetskis and diesel engined boats.

We also repair many of these items or just rebuild with new core parts or tubes saving owners thousands of dollars.

Experience comes as standard.

We have also the largest off the shelf stocks of truck intercoolers in New Zealand. We understand the importance of reducing vehicle downtime so we have built up a large range that can be used for most of New Zealand's heavy trucks.

We supply, manufacture and service radiators for a wide range of applications including:

  • Truck
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Marine

Why you should get your next intercooler from us:

  • Many exchange units available to reduce your downtime.
  • Competitive prices. * OEM specification or better.
  • Most of our cores are made in an ISO 9000 TUV quality controlled factory.
  • Our cores are oven-brazed, have reinforced front and rear edge, thicker ends on all tubes and don't rely on glue or straps to hold fins in place

NZ is our home. Buy NZ made.